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Audio House Sound
We take care of the "tech" so you can enjoy your event.

Systems are custom designed to meet your needs.

To show you some idea of what we can do, here are several system designs.

Don't forget - if you need lighting we can provide that as well - both standard "stage lighting" and the moving lights and lasers you need for that next party.

dotBoard: Behringer X32 or Behringer X32 Compact
Main Amps: Mackie M1400 and M2600 Monitor Amp: Crown
Electronic Crossover: dbx DriveRack PA
Additional Feedback Control: DriveRack
Compressors: Behringer (digital)
Effects: Behringer (digital)
Microphones: Shure and AKG
Main Speakers: 4 - Yamaha S115 (2" horn, 15" midrange), 4 - 18" subwoofers
(can add up to 8 more Yamahas and 8 more 18" subwoofers as well as two more amp racks - the Really Big system)
Monitors: generally Yamaha S112. Up to eight monitor channels available - two are standard.
New! 32 channel Digital Mixer with remote control
Behringer X32
Musicians can control their own monitor mix from the stage!

Board: Behringer X32 Compact (16 channel)
Main Amps: Mackie M1400, M1400
Electronic Crossover: dbx 234
Microphones: Shure and AKG
Main Speakers: 2 - Yamaha S115 (2" horn, 15" midrange) 4 - 15" subwoofers
dotMonitors: Basic system - 2 - Yamaha S112 or Turbosound iX12 (Additional monitors available)

Behringer X32 Compact

Medium System
dotPowered Board: Mackie 406M
dot8x4 snake - 50 feet

Small mixer
dotSmall System Plus
dotadd subwoofer, add 16 channel mixer
Small System Plus
Typical Dance Party System:
dotBoard: Mackie 1202 (to interface with DJ Mixer)
dotMain Amps: Mackie M1400 and M2600 Monitor Amp: Crown
dotElectronic Crossover: dbx Driverack PA
dotMain Speakers: 4 - Yamaha S115 (2" horn, 15" midrange), 4 - 18" subwoofers (can add up to 8 more Yamahas and 8 more 18" subwoofers per side and two amp racks if needed.)
dotMonitors: 2 - Yamaha S112s typically on stands at head height
dotYou'll probably want some Dance Party Moving Lights and lasers as well. We have special pricing with a sound system.
The Photon Connection Light Show
Move into
moving light
the light!

dotWe have trackscans, scanners, spinners, sweepers, strobes, lasers, hazers, and trusses and trees to hold it all.
dotWe introduced our light show at the Wakarusa 2005 Festival. Since then we've more than doubled the number of moving lights!
dotNote: the Photon Connection Light Show is designed for dancing!!
dotFor the deluxe system, plan a dance area of at least 45 feet by 35 feet. For the full system, we require 6 hours to set it up and 3 hours to take it down. This is a really big system!
dotWant to design your own show? Give us a call!
dotFlash! We've added the Liquid Laser Light Show. Multicolor lasers for your watching pleasure.
dotIn 2018 we added a moving head show with a unique approach

Photon Connection
3 color laser
dotWe have wireless handheld UHF mics with SM58 or 87A heads.
dotAdditional speaker monitors available. We can run the monitor mix from the stage.
dotWe have a generator to provide power for the 4 stack sound system for those "away from power" events.
dotPower required for 4 stack system and monitors(max volume): Two 20 amp outlets (120VAC). For the largest system 50 amp (240VAC)
dotPower required for smallest system: One 15 amp outlet (120 VAC)
dotIf you are covering a large area outdoors you will probably want to to "fly" the speakers.
dotWe can record up to 32 channels off the mixing board. We can also provide a recording of the "house sound" for that really live feel.
dotDon't forget power for the lights!